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Feature Plants


Please note:   Images shown throughout this website are representative of existing stock, however there will always be slight variances in height and colour as new stock arrives.


  • Alternanthera Little Ruby 140mm pots          3 for $25    

  • Buxus Japonica                   200mm pots                 $7.50 ea 

  • Gardenia Florida             200mm pots                 $7.50 ea

  • Murraya Paniculata       200mm pots                $7-ea 300mm pots              $29.50-ea

  • Syzigium Backyard Blitz 200mm pots             $32.50ea     300mm pots              $58-ea 300mm pots                           10 or more                    $45-ea

  • Syzigium  Resilience      200mm pots                 $7.50-ea 300mm pots               $55-ea 400mm pots               $95-ea

  • Viburnum Odoratissimum  200mm pots                 $7.50-ea

  • Viburnum  Emerald Lustre      200mm pots               $7.50-ea
  • Murraya Paniculata 


  • Golden Cane  Palms
  • Bamboo Gracilis Slender Weaver

Plants approx 1.4 -1.8m height

Plants approx 1.9 -2.5m height

  • Bamboo Multiplex GOLDSTRIPE
    Plants approx 1.5m height

(300mm pot plants approx. 2-2.5m height)