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Our passion is Growing Outdoors!

We know how important beautiful gardens are to the health and wellbeing of residents and the greater community. We take the time to cultivate, grow and nurture our plants so they will bring great joy to your garden. Our desire to create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces has been a great delight for over 30 years.

Our Nursery at the Rear of 34 Alexander Avenue Taren Point, NSW 2229 has a wide range of plants, pots and planters for all your gardening needs.

Our Garden Maintenance crews will be able to keep your garden in pristine condition with planting, mowing, trimming and hedging – allowing you the time to just enjoy your outdoor areas.



These plants are ideal to create a barrier – either from neighbours, noise or wind. Usually an evergreen upright that grow quickly and are easily maintained. Various options are available depending on position and soil characteristics.


A focal point of the garden usually revolves around a single variety either as an individual or mass planting. This group stands out from the crowd and provides elegance, grace and structure.


A time honoured tradition creating formality or whimsical topiary. These plants provide structure and formalise the various sections in your garden. Easily grown, with regular maintenance to keep shape and form they find a place in most gardens.

Pots and Planters

Currently stocking a wide range of stylish pots and planters for your outdoor and indoor areas. Our lightweight fibreglass range are ideal for indoors, patios and verandahs. Our specialty handmade Sandstone range add formality and elegance to your garden.


We stock a wide range of decorative pebbles for you to create and be inspired.  Used in pots or garden beds these pebbles help keep the weeds at bay and add a point of interest to your plantings.

Soils & Mulches

We also have a good range of potting mix, soils and mulches to ensure all your plants look their best.

Please Note:

  • Images shown throughout this website are representative of existing stock, however there will always be slight variances in height and colour as new stock arrives.
  • All products shown are samples of our main lines and that there are many other products available.
  • We may be low on stock from time to  time. Please call to check availability if you require a significant  number