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Feature Plants

Acer Palmatum Japanese Maple

A beautiful and very popular flowering plant which can add a splash of spectacular colour and intrigue to your garden. They can vary in height but are usually a smaller tree with a smooth trunk and varied forms of foliage that can either weep, sit upright or cascade depending on the one  you choose. The leaves have five to nine palmate lobes and can come in green or red. The colour will change in Autumn to brilliant shades of either red, orange, yellow or purple depending on the variety.

Bromeliads Silver Plum

A stunning plant that has silvery green foliage with tints of red that develop with exposure to the sun.  Keep the centre of the plant watered and the plant does the rest. Gorgeous mass planted or as a single feature in a pot.

Cordyline Electric Pink

A pink foliage plant that is used in landscaping for a burst of colour and its structural shape. The foliage branches out in strands from the centre of the plant.

Cordyline Rubra

A colourful vibrant foliage plant with red tones and hints of pinks and bronze. Its foliage grows in a clump that cascades and can contrast beautifully with other plants in the garden or beside a pool for a soft tropical look.


A classic addition to the garden known for both its tropical feel  and  sweet fragrant flowers. Planted in ground they can provide beauty and shade in the garden, or make a lovely feature in a pot. When in full bloom the fragrance of their flowers is breathtaking.

Grass Trees

An iconic native with an unusual trunk which is furnished by a head of grass that sprouts from the top.  The Grass tree can form a unique and spectacular feature in the garden.  Each grasstree can have its own distinct character and look terrific either as an individual feature plant or mass planted. They are very slow growing and a definite focal point in any garden. A valued Australian specimen all plants are sold with tags.

Cascade Palms

Cascade Palms are a beautiful indoor and outdoor palm with dark green feathery leaves. They like shady spots but can handle sun if well watered. They can grow to approx. 2m in height and have a clumping habit with the new shoots sprouting from the base of the plant. They grow well in tropical and coastal areas, and look great mass planted or as an individual plant.

Kentia Palms

A popular native palm that suits to create   a tropical feel to your garden and a sense of beauty and life to your indoor space. They have a slender trunk with elegant dark green fronds that droop These plants can grow to approx. 4m in a garden setting. Younger plants need protection until established as they can burn with direct sun. Indoors they will grow best with good light, a well drained soil and watering only when dry.

Raphis Palms

Raphis Excelsa are a popular and attractive addition to your space and are considered to be a palm in a class of their own. They have a vibrant green fan like foliage, they grow best in light to heavy shade and make a stunning feature in a pot indoors. They can also make a great screening plant and can grow to approx. 4m in height. They are slow growing, and can handle some sun usually only light morning sun. They require moderate watering, and pruning of any dead leaves when needed. They will benefit from a good fertiliser to promote strong growth.

Cacti and Succulents

A popular trend for a low maintenance, drought tolerant alternative for the garden. Succulents and cacti require little watering, can be very colourful and provide a whole new dimension to design in your garden. Some varieties of succulents   also make an effective ground cover.  Each of them having their own character and making their own statement in their surroundings whether indoors or outdoors.

Magnolia Teddy Bears

A hardy evergreen tree has dark green glossy leaves with reddish brown on the underside which contrasts well with other plants in the garden. They produce a stunning fragrant white flower , and can be used as a screening plant, trimmed as a hedge, or a special feature in a pot.

Citrus and Fruit Trees Pots and Bags

Lemons, Limes Kaffir and Tahitian, Oranges, Mandarins & Cumquats

Citrus is a fashionable and popular addition to the garden, particularly when they have established and are brimming with fragrant buds that promise a delivery of fruit.There are also dwarf varieties in some which work very well for those that have smaller spaces such as the Patio Lime or Patio Lemon.Citrus grown in ground will mature more readily, and with some loving care and the right soil conditions will be a joy in your garden for years to come.

Avocados Grafted

Avocado Trees are a much sought after option in today’s garden, not only as an attractive plant but as a fruit tree recognised for the nutritional value and health benefits of its produce. There are different varieties and some are more conducive to the home garden given the size that they can grow and the climate. It can take up to 3 or 4 years for a planted tree to bear fruit. Drainage of the soil or potting mix is of upmost importance and an organic fertiliser will be a great benefit too.

Feijoa Hawaiian Guava

A small to medium evergreen fruit tree with fragrant white flowers and a luscious, sweet, aromatic fruit with a pink flesh and light yellow skin. They ripen in Autumn and are rich in Vitamin C. They can be eaten fresh, as juice or used in desserts, salads or made into Jam. They love sun, moist well drained soil and mulch. While they do handle dryness, they need to be watered well from when flowers appear and harvest of the fruit.

Mango Kensington Pride

The Mango is a national hero when it comes to summer fruit. Its plump juicy yellow flesh and sweet tangy taste are a favourite amongst many. The Bowen Kensington Pride variety are especially reknown for their iconic tropical mango flavour that sets them apart.  The trees grow in a beautiful canopy shape and apart from gorgeous fruit can provide wonderful shade in your garden. They like an open sunny position with good depth and drainage. They need to be well watered from Spring to Autumn and mulch is also a benefit.


Figs have become more popular around the world over time as European influence and cuisine has grown and the many uses of this exotic fruit have come to light. They can be eaten fresh, in salads, desserts, Jams and even with savoury. They can be grown in small spaces, and do well in areas where summer is dry and little or no frost in cooler months. They like full sun, protected from winds and can be grown in a pot with good quality potting mix. In ground they like a nourished well draining soil. They need to be well watered in warmer months and benefit from some slow release fertiliser in spring. Once established they can handle frost. Figs ripen in late summer, and are best left to ripen on the tree. Unfortunately birds like them too, so you may need to throw a net over the top to keep them at bay.