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Hedging Plants

Alternanthera Dentata Little Ruby

A compact and vibrant burgundy foliage plant that contrasts beautifully as a lower hedge in a garden bed or around the edge of a container. They tolerate full sun or shade, but the more light the better for depth of colour. They need to be watered enough to stay moist without being too wet. They wilt if too dry but do recover once watered. Can be trimmed back if needed to promote new lush growth. Plants are sold with labels.

Buxus Japonica

A beautiful hedging plant the Japonica is a faster growing variety which suits suits both sun and semi shaded. They can grow to approx. 1-3m and approx. 1.5m width. They can be trimmed to preferred height or used for topiary.

Buxus Korean Micro Micro

A smaller more compact variety of Buxus with a deeper green foliage. They are slower growing and can grow to approx 0.5m ideal for a lower hedge. They grow well in part shade. They do handle full sun, however the depth of colour in the foliage may change in strong sunlight They need a well drained soil but can survive with less water once they are established.

Gardenia Florida

Ideal for a pretty hedge. Gardenia are an evergreen shrub with bright green foliage that produces a fragrant white flower in the warmer months. They grow to approx. 1m in height, and being a more compact variety can hedge beautifully. They work best in a full sun to semi shade position with a well drained soil and to be kept moist. They handle moderate watering once established, and do not like frost.

Murraya Paniculata

A popular evergreen plant that grows to approx. 2.5-3m with a beautifully fragrant white flower in the warmer months. They make a great hedge, are fast growing and require little maintenance and can be trimmed to desired height. They grow in full sun and semi shade, require moderate watering and well drained soil. There is something special about the distinct fragrance of their flower permeating throughout the garden in the summer months.

Syzigium Backyard Blitz

Syzigium Backyard Bliss is a form of Select Lilly Pilly that has quickly gained popularity in the garden. Fast growing, Psyllid resistant they look great as a hedge or screen. They have glossy green foliage with flushes of bronze where there is new growth and creamy white flowers in summer. They grow best in full sun, but handle part shade. Can grow to approx. 3-4m in height.

Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine is a popular climber with small glossy green leaves and a perfumed star shaped flower . They thrive in full sun and a well drained soil. Can be trimmed to maintain size and shape. They work beautifully as a climber over a trellis or structure, as ground cover, or are magic when planted and cascading over the edge of a planter box or container.

Syzigium Resilience

Syzigium Australe Resilience another popular variety of Lilly Pilly terrific for hedging and screening and topiary. They are fast growing compact growth with lighter green foliage and reddish bronze new leaves .They can grow to approx. 5m height. They are known to be particularly resistant to Psyllids and other pests.

Vibernum Odoratissimum

The Vibernum Odoratissimum known as Sweet Vibernum is a hardy evergreen shrub with vibrant green foliage and produce clusters of white flowers in spring. They are suited to a larger hedge or screen, they like full sun or a little shade and do well in warmer climates. They can grow to approx. 4-5m height in the right conditions. They like rich well drained soil and benefit from slow release fertiliser in spring.

Vibernum Emerald Lustre

The Vibernum Emerald Lustre is also a fast growing evergreen shrub with glossy foliage and a bigger leaf than the Sweet Vibernum. The leaves deepen in colour as the plant matures. They also produce white spring flowers that are followed by red /orange berries in summer. They are ideal for screening or hedging and feature well as a single plant within the garden. This variety prefers moderate climate and can grow to approx. 4m in height and width. They benefit from mulch, being well watered and slow release fertiliser in Spring.