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Screening Plants

Bamboo Gracilis

Bamboo Gracilis are a great screening plant that can grow to approx 6m height.  A  non- invasive, clumping variety that can extend to approx. 1m in width, they make an effective option for creating privacy in your garden. They can be planted in ground or in a deep planter for smaller areas.

Golden Cane Palms

A fabulous screening plant that can add a lovely tropical feel to your garden.  They like a good watering and benefit from fertilising. They can be grown in full sun, younger plants need to be protected until they are established.  They can be mass planted as a screen, they also look terrific in a pot on their own or amongst other plants within the garden.

Bamboo Multiplex Goldstripe

A non- invasive variety of clumping bamboo they can grow to approx 3-4m in height. They have a more upright and narrower growth and also suit smaller areas. A vibrant green foliage with gold stripes that develop on the culm

Bamboo Malay Dwarf Variegated

Non-invasive clumping bamboo. They have a dense full growth with green and white striped leaves. They tend to grow in tight clumps and can then be trimmed on each side to retain the size you prefer. Their dense growth make them an ideal screen, and help protect against wind and noise. Typically they can grow to approx 3-4m in height.